Six essentials for any Christmas content strategy

The build up to Christmas has begun, and for many powerhouse brands – this means their Christmas marketing and advertising efforts are already in full swing. In fact, most big brands that generate substantial sales over the festive period will put so much emphasis on their Christmas campaigns that they often begin planning months earlier – allowing them to maximise sales opportunities during such an influential period. 

Sales vs. Customer Loyalty

Every year, we love seeing the efforts taken by these brands to seize the potential of Christmas in having a real impact on consumer behaviour – from TV ads and social media campaigns, right the way through to digital-out-of-home content. But our absolute favourite campaigns are those that aren’t completely sales obsessed. We’re big fans of the type of campaigns that make us feel all warm and christmassy inside – it’s these campaigns that really stick, boosting customer loyalty and ultimately affecting sales throughout the entire year and not just for Christmas. 

Your go-to list of essentials

Of course, planning content for each of the digital channels will involve a very different approach, but there are a few essential things that are applicable across the board. So, if you haven’t planned a big splash for this year’s festive season, take note of these points or bookmark this page so that you can be better prepared for next year:

  1. Plan in advance – Give yourself enough time to establish all of the fundamentals of your campaign prior to launch, including who your target audience is, what your best channels are, whether you’re going to require the support of an outside creative agency and so forth. There’s a lot that goes into even the smallest of campaigns, so planning early will help to smooth out any bumps along the way. 
  2. It’s not just about sales – There’s just something about the festive season that allows brands to really push the boundaries and have a little more fun than they normally would – all in the hope of building a closer relationship with consumers and being THE brand that outshines the rest. 
  3. Review your last campaign’s performance – There’s just no way to beat last year’s numbers without reviewing them first. See what worked and what didn’t so that you can make more educated decisions this time around. 
  4. Consider your best channels & adapt accordingly – We work with a number of brands to conceptualise and deliver digital campaigns over the Christmas period and what we always encourage them to do, is repurpose the content for a variety of channels. So what may appear on a digital-out-of-home screen, will be cleverly reworked to also be pushed out across social media, in a way that will have the biggest impression. 
  5. Plan your message – So much goes into planning a campaign that sometimes even the simplest of things get forgotten. Choose your message and keep it simple – less is more, as they say! 
  6. Consider personalising content – Particularly powerful if you’re going down the digital-out-of-home route, is personalised content. Viewers love feeling as though they’re being directly spoken to, and this can be done very creatively with a Christmas campaign, making even the humbugs among us get into the Christmas spirit. 

Cost-effective marketing support 

For many marketing teams, whose task lists are already overflowing, seeking external help is often the best and most cost effective option to take, particularly for seasonal campaigns that can be incredibly rewarding – both in terms of revenue and customer loyalty. For inspiration, take a look at the digital Christmas content we created for Bristol Airport’s digital wall, or the Christmas video campaign we also created for their social media channels. Got a campaign you’d like our support with? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at or complete the form over on our contact page.