Bring more digital content to your internal communications strategy

Every business leader in the UK with a workforce under their wing will have a huge interest in employee engagement and productivity trends. We, for one, are always looking for ways to enhance our engagement levels even further – mostly by streamlining communications and transparency within our business which is hugely important for teams like us, that aren’t always working in the same office, day in, day out.

From a UK standpoint, Britain’s employee engagement levels have been put to shame these past few years by our European competitors, which of course has had a knock-on effect in terms of our productivity. And while performance levels have started to increase ever so slightly – we’re still miles behind where we could be as a nation. But why?

Recent studies have shown that UK employees believe a lack of gratitude and recognition shown by their employer is the biggest issue affecting levels of productivity right now. Interestingly, the same study revealed that a large factor of our slow productivity growth is due to our hesitation in adopting newly available technologies that are primarily designed to overcome many of these same issues raised by employees. So, what needs to happen? We think digital content has a big role to play here, but the general lack of awareness of the capabilities of digital for internal communications is surprising – something we at VISUALAB Media hope to change!

We’ve done and continue to do a lot of work in the corporate space. Much of the corporate work we do at VISUALAB we’re unable to talk about directly for obvious reasons, but what I can say is that from a digital content perspective, the impact on employee engagement levels has been transformational.

As an example, a recent project we’ve been heavily involved in is the production and deployment of internal video. Just like with video aimed at consumers, internally this is a powerful tool not only for knowledge transfer, but for strengthening employer branding and celebrating great achievements. We’ve helped to produce a series of internal videos for one brand in particular, and the response among employees has been inspirational – with many now feeling hugely motivated and empowered with the right information.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at video – digital signage is our forte and so we often work with our technology partners to integrate digital internal communications solutions within businesses of all shapes and sizes, up and down the country. One thing we’re committed to, is bringing more life to digital signage content – moving away from ‘digital wallpaper’, to something far more creative and inspiring. Again, digital signage is a great tool for highlighting company news, making announcements, celebrating employees and generally boosting morale, and can easily be kept fresh and constantly engaging by the integration ‘live’ content.

There are so many ways that digital content is helping to turn the issue of employee engagement and productivity on its head – we just hope to see more businesses overcoming their resistance to digital and be more willing to integrate this type of content into their internal communication strategies going forward.