Digital signage implementation: Three go-to rules

While digital content production is our forte, you might also be surprised to learn that as tech enthusiasts, our team is well versed in the do’s and don’ts of digital signage implementation. 

As a costly investment that is guaranteed to transform communications when implemented well, digital signage can be hugely influential – from a marketing perspective, or even for internal communications. That being said, many times over we’ve seen less effective implementations of digital signage that have been more detrimental than transformational – not to mention a financial setback. 

Luckily, we’ve worked in the world of digital signage for over a decade, allowing us to provide our clients with valuable advice that has allowed them to bring digital signage concepts to life – with complete success. And luckily for you – we’ve decided to share just some of our best pieces of advice. 

Three pieces of advice

Tip 1. Start with a thorough plan. Knowing exactly what it is you’re setting out to do, before you actually do it, is our first rule! This will help you to establish so many fundamentals, from placement and equipment, through to system maintenance and content management. Make a long-term plan, because the initial implementation is only the beginning – digital signage is a long-term investment that needs ongoing concentration, particularly from a content perspective. 

Tip 2. Choose a CMS that’s versatile. Yes, digital signage can be a costly communications tool to implement, but the initial cost can easily be returned – if the solution itself is strong enough. We encourage clients to think of their long-term communication needs. For example, is your business planning on expanding? In which case you’d probably want to consider a CMS that’s scalable, alongside your business. Will you be looking to implement the solution in other areas of the business later down the line? You’d want to make sure your solution is flexible enough to do that. Or what about content scheduling? All of these things will need to be considered prior to selecting your platform. 

Tip 3. Test, test and test again. There’s nothing worse than a go-live that goes wrong. We highly recommend testing the mechanics of the solution over and over, prior to the solution’s launch. This includes your content. All technologies and pieces of digital content have their hiccups, so its often wise to resolve these in good time, so that their’s no nasty surprises on the day. 

Let us help

If you’re thinking of implementing a digital signage solution within your business, whether internally or externally, we’d love to help. Email us today with an overview of your project at and we’ll be sure to get back to you with some helpful pieces of advice.