Drone technology: Taking your video marketing to new heights

Video content is booming. It’s everywhere. In fact, on YouTube alone, over 500 million hours of videos are watched every single day – and that’s just one platform. The trouble is, the more video content out there, the more challenging it becomes, not only to cut through the clutter, but to be the brand producing video that actually engages, connects and converts.

That’s where the drone comes in – a great piece of tech that has completely changed the video marketing world, forever. At VISUALAB Media, we’ve used drones in many projects and the outcome has been simply amazing. Our goal now, is to get more brands thinking outside the box on ways to use this great piece of tech to take their video marketing strategies to new, more impressive heights.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Here’s a sample video captured using a drone, and if the content doesn’t speak for itself, we’ve listed just three of the many reasons we love capturing footage with such a great piece of kit.

A fresh, new angle.

New angles, new perspectives, new reactions. That has to be one of our favourite things about the drone. Simply being able to look at a tree, a bridge, or even a car, from a different perspective helps us as an audience to look at the world in a completely different way. And although that sounds kind of cliché, it makes drones a perfect tool for brands wanting to create something completely unique and memorable.

Unlimited potential.

Just by taking a look at some of the footage we’ve shot using drones, you’ll see it would have been near enough impossible to capture such breath-taking aerial footage without allocating a sizeable budget to hire a helicopter.

From runways to open waters, ground footage is now a thing of the past and a restriction we no longer have to worry about – with the right approvals of course. Exciting visuals are what gets us hooked, from panoramic videos of nature to cinematic shots of suburban life – there are no limits.


Probably one of the most important reasons, albeit fairly obvious. For your video content to really stand out, consider capturing something your audience is going to be genuinely taken aback by – something they’ve never seen before and are highly unlikely to see anywhere else. Give them an experience to remember, to talk about and to share. That’s the beauty of the drone.

If your business is considering adjusting its video marketing strategy and looking for some pointers, drop us a message over or our contact page or email us at hello@visualab.media!