Marketing support: To outsource or to employ?

There comes a point when every business owner needs to invest in marketing – a brand simply can’t grow without it. But more often than not, that decision is usually followed by the question, “am I better off employing a marketing professional or outsourcing to a marketing agency?” … Of course, as the Founder of a boutique creative studio, you’d expect me to say the latter, wouldn’t you – but you’d be wrong.

My answer in fact would be – it depends. It depends on a whole series of things, like, what your objectives are as a business, what your growth plans are, whether you’re planning to employ a team or an individual, will that individual be highly experienced (and costly) or entry-level (at a basic salary), how much training will they need, do you have the internal resource to oversee them… and so forth.

With so much to consider, only you as the business owner can decide what the best route to take is. But what I can do to help, is list some of the key reasons that my clients in particular, choose to engage with us on a monthly retained basis, as opposed to hiring full-time internal marketing support. So here it goes.


1.     Cost effective. 

Many of our clients that come to us for marketing support choose to do so on an ongoing retained basis, for the same cost every month. This gives them their very own account manager, access to our incredibly talented team, and guaranteed support each and every month that’s always pre-agreed. This means our clients know exactly what to expect from us every month, at a price that never changes, unless they themselves decide to adjust their package slightly to suit their budget, objectives and so forth.

2.     A highly skilled team. 

Let’s say you employ an incredibly talented Marketing Director, on a full-time basis, to implement a solid marketing strategy for your business. The likelihood is, they’ll probably lack a lot of the skills needed to actually execute a lot of the work they’ve included in their marketing plan, like video production, for example. Our team, on the other hand, that our clients have complete access to, is made up of copywriters, designers, artists, a production team and so forth – meaning for one cost, our clients get access to every skill-set they could possibly need, including marketing experts who apply strategic thinking.

3.     Industry expertise. 

When working in a creative agency, with so many different business types, from all different sectors, you gain an incredibly advantageous understanding of so many industries – all the way from digital signage through to recruitment. Many of our clients love the fact that we take the time to learn their business, what their brand stands for, as well as their industry, their key competitors and so forth. There are so many industries that our team are proficient in, both B2B and B2C, and even if we’re not, we do our homework to ensure that we become the industry experts that our clients need.

4.     Drive. 

Of course, for any of our clients to continue working with us on a retained basis – we have to deliver results. Without proving ourselves and delivering what we set out to each month, our clients can leave us much easier than they can let go an employee that’s under-delivering. Some might say that gives us a bigger drive to succeed and keep our clients happy, month in, month out.

One last point I always feel the need to make is to not assume that marketing outsourcing is incredibly costly, because in fact, it’s not. Boutique studios, just like ours, offer complete flexibility with retained marketing packages to guarantee a solution that’s beneficial to your brand but one that also fits your budget perfectly.