New business? Here’s your first marketing to-do list

Starting up a brand spanking new business? Well, congratulations on the new venture. Feeling excited? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Either way, we’ll help get you off to a flying start with this handy go-to list – full of all the initial marketing actions you ought to be implementing from the very offset to guarantee your new brand the exposure that it needs.

In-house or external?

Whether you decide to take action yourself, employ an in-house marketer or seek external marketing support, hopefully this list will inform you of all the things your new business should be doing to guarantee that all-important revenue.

  1. Create a brand. Registering a business is one thing. But that business name alone isn’t a brand in itself – you’ll need to consider everything from what your brand visually looks like (i.e. logo, colour scheme, font type), all the way through to what it sounds like when talking to customers (tone of voice). Creating a brand will help your audience to distinguish you from others in your field, and will help to build a strong sense of trust as time goes on.
  2. Get online. No matter what your business does, you’ll need to exist somewhere on the internet – whether you have your very own website or simply setup social media pages for your company. Business type is irrelevant here – local cleaning service or recruitment agency – the first thing many of us do these days when looking for a product or service is head straight to the internet to run a search. Make sure your business is there, ready and waiting for people to find you.
  3. Start talking. Pick up the phone or jump on your email and start spreading the word amongst all of your friends, family members and professional connections. You never know you might need your products or services at some point down the line, or who your existing connections may be able to introduce you to.
  4. Get networking. Networking events are a bit like Marmite and admittedly, they can become a bit of a ‘sell, sell, sell’ platform. Do your research and find a local networking event that people actually recommend and have benefitted from in the past. From our own experiences, these can be a great way to meet new people – both potential customers and partners alike.
  5. Get active on social. The tricky bit about starting a new business is juggling everything, including things like social media. Make sure you dedicate time every day to the world of social media to let your audience know what it is you’re up to, any new products you’ve added to your collection, what your customers are saying about you and so forth. As your following builds, you’ll be surprised at how successful a marketing activity this will be in the long term.
  6. Drive traffic to your website. Simply launching a website and leaving it to bring in leads isn’t going to work. You’ll need to dedicate time to continuously add new content to your website, encourage your social media followers to visit your pages, invest in PPC and so much more – all of which will help to boost your visibility online, all while boosting your ranking as Google starts to build more trust in your website. This takes time – at least 6 months or so to start to witness the results, but you’ll need to keep on top of things or trust someone else to manage this for you.

Talk to us

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