SEO: Your most common questions, answered

SEO, three letters that send all business owners into a frenzy. But what very few business owners realise is, not a single SEO expert out there knows every little secret behind it – search engines would never give that kind of information away. But what we SEO professionals do know, are the best practices associated with a search engine friendly website and how to boost a website’s ranking by taking advantage of the changing algorithms that search engines are letting us in on.

Common SEO Questions

Unsurprisingly, not a single week goes by without us being asked, “How do I increase my website’s visibility?”, “Is there something I could be doing that will boost my website’s ranking without me spending lots of money?” and “How long will it take for my website to appear on the first page of Google?”.
We thought we’d take some time and answer some of your most common questions right here in our blog.
  1. How do I increase my website’s visibility? First things first, get the foundations right – particularly before you start investing in ongoing SEO management services. Every website needs to tick a whole list of criteria to be considered ‘SEO friendly’. Your website developer and designer should know exactly what’s going to optimise your website and what’s not. If they don’t, our advice would be to seek the expertise of someone that does, because it’ll save you a great deal of time and money in the long term. Things like, image sizes, load speed, alt tags, meta descriptions will all come into the equation here. Once you’ve got the right foundations in place, you’re in a great start to begin working on your ranking. This will involve a great deal of analysis and ongoing monitoring, including your use of keywords, links – even competitor activities.
  2. How long will it take for my website to appear on the first page of Google? The million dollar question. Unlike paid advertising where you’ll witnesses results instantaneously, to grow your website visits organically, you’re looking at a minimum of three months before you start to see a noticeable difference. And to gain that number one spot, you have to earn it. Google needs to see that you’re a genuine site, with genuine visitors. It needs to trust you and see that you’re dedicating your time and effort to continually improve on your website’s user experience. This takes time and you need to remember that you’re not the only business working for that prime position on page one of Google.
  3. Is there something I could be doing that will boost my website’s traffic without me spending lots of money? Generally speaking, there are two parts to SEO, the content side, and the technical side. The most cost effective thing you can begin doing to boost your website’s traffic is to regularly update your website with user-friendly content that’s written with SEO guidelines in mind – perhaps a blog or a news page. Posting this kind of material on a regular basis shows Google that you’re taking the time to evolve your website but it also gives you a better chance of being found on Google when someone searches for keywords that are mentioned in your material. Sharing these blogs via your social media channels will also help to drive further traffic to your website that will, in time, help to increase its ranking.
  4. How much will you charge to get my website to rank #1 on Google? Firstly, if any SEO professional has guaranteed you’ll reach that number 1 spot simply through organic search, they’re mistaken. Not even Google could guarantee this. It’s not realistic to make these promises to clients and instead, we focus on how we’ve helped turn small local businesses into strong nationwide contenders by dramatically increasing their visibility online, regardless of whether they hit that number 1 spot or not. Our packages are based on monthly costs and are priced according to goals, budgets and so forth. They’re also completely customisable and flexible. Simply tell us what you’re looking to achieve from an SEO perspective (realistically) and how much you’re looking to budget. Our focus, and yours, should be predominantly on visitor numbers and conversion rates.

What’s next?

Finding an SEO specialist can feel like a daunting task, particularly when there’s a lot of businesses offering the same services. We’re always open to questions, so feel free to ask us anything that’s preventing you from investing in SEO. Or, for more information on our SEO packages, email us today on