Twitter Promote Mode vs organic growth – Which is better? 

Twitter Promote Mode, for those unfamiliar with the term, was introduced by Twitter almost a year ago as the channel’s first ever subscription ad service – designed to bring simplicity to paid social media advertising. But has it proven to be a success or is organic growth still the winner here? 

What is Twitter Promote Mode? 

The overall purpose of Twitter Promote Mode, is to help businesses (and individuals for that matter) grow their Twitter Following by automatically promoting tweets and profiles – for a flat fee of $99 a month.

The beauty of this subscription service is that there’s nothing to manage – perfect for a small business with little marketing resources. So, for this fixed monthly cost, brands have the freedom to tweet as normal, while Twitter takes care of selecting which posts to promote – alongside the business’ profile. 

What does the Twitter subscription ad service promise? 

Those looking to take advantage of this not so new subscription ad service are said, by Twitter, to gain an average of 30 new followers a month – in addition to reaching over 30,000 additional people. Now, that’s quite a substantial reach – but is $99 a month, for 30 new followers, an investment worth making? Or can this be achieved organically? 

Organic Twitter growth

We believe, that with a great social media strategy, imaginative content creation and persistent campaign management – brands can witness a substantial increase in Twitter followers, month on month – with no paid advertising necessary. 

While paid advertising can be a great way to boost numbers and spread the word to a wider audience, it doesn’t always guarantee quality, genuine followers – and that to us, proves to be a waste of both time and money. Organic growth, on the other-hand, is more of a slow and steady approach to building followers, but guarantees quality brand advocates that are ready and waiting for what your brand has to share in the social domain. 

Managing a brand’s social media channels can be a tricky task on top of everything else that needs to be handled. If you’re considering outsourcing your online marketing, we’d love to hear from you!